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Game of Thrones Exhibit

What is turning out to be an annual event in Toronto is the Game of Thrones exhibit. Last year it was held at the Design Exchange. This year it is back to the TIFF Bell Lightbox which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from my new workplace. I booked the much coveted (free) tickets on the same day that they were released to ensure I was able to go on the day/time I wanted. These tickets do sell out very quickly and I noticed even when I was securing my reservation for the Friday evening that all the prime weekend spots were already gone. I do prefer the setup for this exhibit in the Design Exchange as it spreads the exhibit out over more space. At TIFF the exhibit seems crammed and people tend to bunch up in certain areas which makes it difficult for viewing. The exhibit itself seemed much smaller this year…but still plenty of stuff to keep the GoT fans salivating. Arguably, for me, the most impressive item on display the Mountain’s sword (presumably we’ll see that baby in the not-too-distant future in a certain fight sequence that shall remain nameless) – that sword was definitely bigger (well, taller) than me. If it were a real sword I can only imagine how heavy it would be – even the prop version must have weighted a ton. Of course the Oculus Rift journey to the top of the wall was a highlight…I just wish it lasted longer than the minute and a half. Maybe in future exhibits we will get the chance to ride on the backs of the dragons in flight…that would be awesome!!
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Oh my, this sounds amazing. I'd love to ride to the top of the Wall! This weekend my son has gone to the Comic Con in Niagara Falls. I wanted to go with him but couldn't because of other obligations. But maybe I can talk my daughter into taking me to the GOT exhibit!
Wouldn't it be amazing if they did more Occulus Rift stuff such as the Dragons but I"m also thinking TARDIS ride oh ya!