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Xmen Days of Future Past...my thoughts

I need to emphatically state that I loved this movie. I must emphasize that point because the remainder of this post will just be me ranting about the things that irritated me with this movie…they were minimal but I  need to get them off my chest. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS...you were warned...

Charles – I simply don’t believe Charles would mope around like that for 10 years…a few weeks maybe, a couple of months tops but TEN YEARS, not a chance. And frankly I don't even see a just cause for him to be mopey. I didn’t buy that the school would need to close because of the war – that seemed like a lame excuse. But even accepting that the school closed, I just can’t see Charles sitting around doing nothing for 10 years. And even worse – I can’t believe that Hank would have allowed him to do nothing for 10 years. Hank would have continued his research…he had boundless enthusiasm and whatever he may have discovered would have no doubt provided some degree of motivation and direction for Charles. You mean to tell me that basically the two of them just lived there for ten years and DID NOTHING (insert subtext)??? C’mon, not buying it. As if it needs to be said, McAvoy was brilliant playing the tormented Charles...honestly though I wish that the film could have invested more time with his character...but I suppose for a 'summer blockbuster' you don't want to spend too much time dealing with cerebral concerns...

Erik – maybe this is more of a Michael Fassbender comment than an Erik comment but really, he seemed pretty much like eye candy throughout the entire movie (someone genuinely needs to screencap his entire journey from zen prisoner #0001, his escape with Quicksilver, his reunion with Charles, the plane flight, his meeting with Raven, his Mr. Darcy scene in Paris, his reclaiming of the "Magneto" helmet, his train scene and the stadium scene and just edit out the rest of the movie...it is all so very, very swoonworthy....).  I get that the first Xmen reboot (First Class) featured Magneto's backstory in such great detail there was no need to rehash the story. But I just found this time around his character was completely wasted - after all, in this movie basically 'Erik' fully completes his transformation into 'Magneto'. Aside from the brilliant scene in the plane and arguably his attempt to recruit Raven/Mystique back to his cause, IMO Erik really didn’t have any substantial dialogue or key scenes in the entire film. Sure he had the requisite swagger and pretty much stole every scene he was in (ok maybe that is just me talking there, I tend to be distracted by him whenever he is on…quidquid), I just believe that MF (and Magneto) warrant something a little more significant than just 'eye candy'.

Raven/Mystique – correct me if I’m wrong but she chose to leave with Erik at the end of the last movie. And at one point Erik mentions that Raven is with him right before he leaves to Dallas in his attempt to prevent the JFK assassination. So Raven basically was aligned with him all this time, she knew his plans and yet, when he was erroneously arrested she did nothing to help him. She didn’t make any attempts to rescue him from of prison…she didn’t at any point consider going to Charles for assistance. Really?? Ironic how, in a later incarnation (circa X2),Mystique goes all out to break Magneto out of prison…*rolls eyes*

Wolverine – Going in to this movie I was informed it would be primarily focused on Charles. After having watched the movie I can safely say it was really more focused on Wolverine.... I have no complaints about Wolverine in this film. He is his usual self and Hugh Jackman is great in the role, as expected. He has great chemistry with every actor/actress that he works with (in this and pretty much every movie he has been in). Some of the best and most memorable scenes in this movie were his scenes with Hank/Beast.

Bolivar Trask – I take it he was supposed to be the ‘villain’ in this movie? Ya, never really got that.

The new mutants/younger mutants – well certainly the sequence at the beginning and end of the film with the new mutants was exciting but I guess for me I prefer seeing the strong characters and character development.The flash and effects serve their purpose though and yes, they were pretty....especially in 3D.

The old-school mutants (e.g. Rogue, Cyclops, Storm, Jean, etc.) – I guess they had to be in the movie and fortunately, in most cases, just for brief cameos. Anything else would have been distracting.

Quicksilver – as much as his scene seemed contrived it was extremely enjoyable. Every review of this movie that I have read to date pretty much praises his addition into the XMen universe so I expect we’ll see more of him in the next movie Apocalypse.

The cryptic ending – so basically a mutant created the pyramids while the four horseman of the apocalypse watched???

PS…James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in the 70s...and in 3D…a very good thing. Let the countdown to Apocalypse begin. Please be set in the 80s...please be set in the 80s...
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agree with your analysis of the movie completely.

My only problem is that with some of the mutants younger - I didn't know who they were especially with the scene at the beginning. And I really didn't remember Kitty Pryde at all. I wish that sometimes writers of these screenplays didn't assume that the only people going to the movie are fans of the 'comic/graphic novel' so they know who they are. This happened with Watchmen and I didn't get 30mins into that one because of such things.

I do think that James McAvoy stole all the scenes he was in but that hair was just to die for....he should have kept those extensions.....just sayin' HOT and that's not something as you know I'd say about him normally.
I went twice to watch it, you´re right, it lacks a lot of things. But it was good entertainment.
The mutant at the end is Apocalypse, and the riders are the riders of Apocalypse...his riders. From what I´ve read he was born as a slave in Egypt.

The movie was more eye candy than anything. but still will go again if I can hehehe