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Champions League Final

It’s a shame that the Canadian coverage of European soccer has dwindled so much. I truly miss it. I was able to finally see a match…the CL final of all things…featuring the two Madrid teams. I honestly didn’t need to watch it to know that RM would win. Just a gut feeling. If this were maybe three or four years ago I would have been ecstatic but it seems like I barely recognize anyone on the club these days. Yes, Iker and Sergio, but the rest? They are not my RM. Frankly I’m more excited about the upcoming SoccerAid match…James McAvoy! Coached by Jose Mourinho! Now your talking!!!
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Good to know Sergio and Iker are still on the team...a lot of others not so much and I miss Gago....just sayin'.

I'm more excited to see McAvoy play as well....hope we can find a feed. we need to find ol SoccerAid matches somewhere on the internets.