OB - Helena

Helena food porn...

How can you not love Helena? She is by far my favourite clone. I’m officially jealous of Sarah who was able to take that road trip with her…what a travelling companion Helena is. And, most importantly, I watch for Helena food-porn...

5 Key Rules of the Helena Diet

Helena, along with Adalind on Grimm, Lagertha on Vikings and, of course, Shaw on Person of Interest are by far the coolest female characters on TV. Those are the women I'd like to hang out with...and arguably, I relate far more to them than any of those cliche females on shows like Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives. Ugh, in fact I recall turning on SITC once (and only once) and turning it off after 10 minutes. Sooo silly.
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You're far more entertaining to watch when you're watching them eat....