The Heart of Robin Hood

Spent Boxing Day evening at the Royal Alex Theatre watching Mirvish Productions’ latest pseudo-musical: The Heart of Robin Hood. This play is not so much the lovable rogue’s story as it is Maid Marion’s. When we meet the titular hero he is more or less a self-centred, pompous thief who scarcely gives a thought of donating his plunder to the poor. Marion, a noble born with a true heart, leaves the castle to seek out Robin to live an uninhibited lifestyle that a castle-born can only ever dream of. Slipping into the woods, she disguises herself as a man (think Rosalind in As You Like It) and winds up becoming a rival to Robin Hood himself. Eventually Marion convinces Robin to change his criminal ways and, as the title suggests, helps him to find his ‘heart’. Not too hard to figure out how this one turns out in the end but getting to that finale is still a lot of fun.

Aside from the necessary sword fights, the show features a good deal of acrobatics and plenty of aerial rope work circa Cirque du Soleil…not too bad for a bunch of actors. The American pseudo-grassroots band Parsonfield is responsible for the score and often appear on stage as a chorus. They even provide a pre-event mini set of songs and a finale…if you like that sort of music be sure to show up early.

Acting was top notch –in particular, Izzie Steele, who played the gender-bending Marion and her faithful companion Christian Lloyd  (aka ‘Pierre/Peter’) who supplied the majority of the comic relief.
I was on the fence whether to bother going to see this play and I’m very happy I chose to see it in the end. Next up for me from Mirvish is Blithe Spirit.
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