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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

Was it just me or did this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, Last Christmas, seem like a mash up of Alien, The Thing and Inception? I blame Shona and her Christmas Day itinerary (clearly all her items can be checked off!!)  Holiday references are not lost – the Gift of the Magi = Clara and the Doctor come clean with each other. Clara revealed that Danny Pink is not alive and the Doctor acknowledged that he has not found Gallifrey. Unfortunately for us that means yet another year of Clara as a companion. MEH. Hopefully they will make up for it with good guest stars.Tom Riley was such fun this year :)

Good to know that the Doctor is on Santa’s naughty list…

P.S. Congratulations Doctor 8.5 – who will become Sir John Hurt in the New Year. And thank you to SPACE for airing the Doctor Who marathon...'twas a pleasure rewatching all my favs.
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I liked Santa in the episode. Even Clara had a moment there (so few and far between).

I forgot 12 said he didn't find Gallifrey so I guess we have that to look forward to in Series 9.

Oh yes SIR John Hurt = groovy!