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New Year's Resolutions

A very simple and hopefully easy-to-adhere-to list of resolutions for 2015:

  1. Blogilates...daily

  2. Lumosity...daily

  3. (Re-)Read one Earl of Oxford Shakespeare play per month (this resolution will continue throughout the next two years as I want to (re-)read all the plays)

  4. Learn British history circa 1066-Tudor Era

  5. Update Livejournal 1x per week (at the very minimum)

  6. Work-related - within 24 hours of completion of every meeting, ensure that at least 10 minutes worth of meeting notes are completed

  7. Get up and stretch for two minutes every half hour

  8. Deep condition my hair once every two weeks

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Hope these all go well! Are you a subscriber to the 'Oxford wrote Shakespeare' theory?
I can't see how Shakespeare could have written those plays. It truly doesn't make sense. Also, I can't say that for certain it was the Earl of Oxford who was the author/playwright but he is a viable option.
So far you've stuck to these pretty well I think....well done you!
OK maybe not so much with the British history or the Shakespeare plays. I made the mistake of trying to read the plays in order of composition and Comedy of Errors is not exactly one of my favs so it is taking a bit of effort...plus I really want to read that book from Matthew Reilly. It's a priority right now.