Jessica Chastain

2015 Golden Globes Wrap Up

My twitter feed was buzzing last night with comments re: Golden Globe red carpet. Briefly, IMO – best dressed were Jessica Chastain and Kate Hudson (front view / back view) …gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. OK granted both were wearing very revealing dresses, they looked fabulous and NOT skanky. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, looked ridiculous and needs some lessons from Jessica and Kate in how to carry off that sexy look without being skanky. Best hair and makeup goes to Rosamund Pike with a nod to Felicity Jones as a runner up with her simple but sleek updo. Worst dressed was poor Kiera Knightley who looked like she just rolled in from the Prairies circa the 1800s. Tina and Amy were fantastic hosts as usual. What I do enjoy about their hosting is that they don’t go for the stupid or petty jokes that some other hosts will inevitably turn to. They are genuinely funny without being rude or silly. Their highlight was when they introduced the lifetime achievement award, focusing on the notable resume of Amal’s accomplishments and then pointing out that the award was actually going to her husband…brilliant irony there. Another fun moment was the Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb…what a dork.

Although my predictions were way off in the television categories, I did manage to guess the victories for Transparent/Jeffrey Tambor and, of course, for Joanne Froggatt winning for Downton. My predictions in the movie category were pretty much bang on with the only odd one being The Grand Budapest Hotel winning Best Musical/Comedy…I thought for sure it would be Birdman.

Oscars will likely be similar with their selections although I suspect they may send some noms towards American Sniper (not that I expect it to win anything). When do they announce those Oscar nominations? It must be soon. I fully expect the BAFTAs to be kinder to The Imitation Game which didn’t go over too well at the Globes. Meh…I still want to see it.
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