CHUM FM top 50 songs of 2014

Another list…yay. I’m certain CHUM FM isn’t exactly the definitive music source on the planet but since it is the station I most frequently listen to when I'm not listening to BBC Scotland they identify their top 50 songs of 2014 for me it is gospel. Do I agree with the list? Of course not.

The Top Ten…
10. Katy Perry – Dark Horse…uggh, I hate this song
9. Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing…sorry, Justin, but it is not a good thing either
8. John Legend – All of Me…this song was better when it was first released; now it’s boring and basically serves as background music. At least I’m not so repulsed that I turn off the radio when the song comes on (refer to song #10 above and song #3 below)
7. One Republic – Counting Stars…I like their other song, Love Runs Out, far more than this song.
6. A Great Big World – Say Something…this song reminds me of So You Think You Can Dance and I prefer that visual to accompany the audio. Still, a nice ballad.
5. Magic! – Rude…overplayed,but I do like it; not in my top ten though
4. Pharrell – Happy…how is this NOT the number one song of the year? It’s my number one for 2014.
3. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off… shut it off, shut if off…now
2. Hedley – Crazy For You…I love this one. I didn’t realize it was Hedley at first but I guess I wasn’t paying that close attention. Thankfully for Cancon this song received the airplay it deserved.
1. Sam Smith – Stay With Me…a classic and deserves to be in the overall top five

Songs 11-50…
Songs #11-13 all would have made my top 10. All About the Bass deserved to crack the top ten even if it was a silly song. Maps was my fav song throughout the fall season…I still love it tbt (and it sooo much better than Maroon 5’s other top 50 song, Animals #27). Song #17, Sing, would have rounded out my top five. Ooh and Jessie J – Bang Bang at #18…that was a good one. I would include it my top ten. Normally I don’t like slow songs but #21, Colbie Caillat’s Try has such moving lyrics I can’t help but enjoy it. Ellie Goulding - #35 Burn would have rated much higher for me. Ditto for Ariana Grande’s Problemat #38 (although I hate admitting I like this song as much as a I do). I even enjoy her other song, #43 Break Free. Debating downloading her CD at this point. WTF – Lorde at #45?? I loved Team and would have ranked it at least top 20. OMG Ed Sheeran Don’t at #48 – noooo that is so wrong. I like that song even more than Sing. I may have to reconsider my top five.

My personal top five songs of 2014 =
5.Sing - Ed Sheeran (alt. Problem - Ariana Grande)
4.Love Runs Out - One Republic
3.Maps - Maroon 5
2.Don’t - Ed Sheeran
1.Happy - Pharrell Williams

Apparently I have a thing for one word title songs. Even though it is only January, I’m calling 'Uptown Funk' 'Take Me To Church' as the song of 2015. It will not be topped. That is all. 
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Ya I don't know most of those songs.....know some of the artists but not all of sad is that...guess I'm so not a "pop' chart girl anymore.

I like some of Ellie Goudlings songs but have not heard Burn yet

Really like Ed Sheeran and Don't is ok but I like ONE from that album better and I See Fire from the Hobbit is really nice but my most fav is "Make it Rain from SOA Soundtrack....

No clue what my top 5 songs from 2014 would be.....yikes!!