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Oscar Nominations...thoughts...

Oscar  – let’s put it this way – no McAvoy, Fassbender, Hiddleston, Chastain, Blunt…why bother watching? Ooh but Chris Pine did look yummy when he presented the nominations this morning.

Comments on the categories/people I vaguely care about:

Best Picture – There is only ONE movie nominated that I will actually pay to see – The Imitation Game. It won’t win. I would also like to see The Theory of Everything but it looks a little intense and I’d rather watch it in the comfort of my living room. It won’t win. I have watched The Grand Budapest Hotel…it was okay but really, Best Picture? I think not. I honestly believe Selma was nominated just to ensure Oprah Winfrey shows up for the ceremony. Presumably Birdman or Boyhood will win. No interest in seeing either film.

Best Actor - Bradley Cooper, because he is a great actor and this is supposedly his best role to date. That said, not a chance he will win. They will pull a classic, oh we will nominate you now, you will lose, but then we’ll give you the win in a couple of years but for a movie/performance that isn’t that great…kind of a token award for not giving you the award when you really deserved it. Eddie Redmayne should win Best Actor this year. No objections, I love the guy…BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if they deliver it to Michael Keaton instead.

Best Actress - Since Julianne Moore will win, it is almost redundant to say I’d rather Rosamund Pike. I’d say Marion Cotillard but she has previously won Best Actress and not enough time has passed for her to win a second Oscar. Haha! Jennifer Aniston…like that was ever going to happen!

Supporting Actor – not caring…*snooze*

Supporting Actress – Basically this is Patricia Arquette’s to lose but of course I’d much prefer Kiera or Emma. Meryl is queen but she already has a dozen or so Oscars…no need for another one this time ‘round.

Best Director – OK everyone says Linklater should win but from what I’ve seen of Birdman, the concept is very unique and original and so I’m going with Alejandro. That said, now that I think about it, Grand Budapest Hotel was pretty err, umm, ‘different’ and hence, great directing. Notice no Clint Eastwood.

Animated Feature – oh please Song of the Sea instead of those other blockbuster films. That movie was soooo good.  I think it’s still playing at TIFF Bell Lightbox now and definitely worth seeing again!!
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Very interesting. I, too, have seen hardly any of the nominated films. The ones on Netflix I will watch soon, but let me just say that I LOVE Eddie Redmayne and was happy that he won the Golden Globe. (Also Joanne Froggatt, my favourite female character in Downton Abbey.)

I really like Bradley Cooper as well. He always amazes me with the diversity of his characters.

Birdman actually interests me, so I hope I'll have a chance to see it before the Oscars.
Now comes the promotions rush for all these films. We'll see how it goes but it seems like a tighter race than usual for the Oscars. Normally the winners are pretty obvious from the get go. This year it is anybody's game.