What to see in 2015-2016

In my boredom I have prepared yet ANOTHER list...this time it is the upcoming movie release dates for those movies I intend on watching at some point. Most will be viewed in the theatre, one to two weeks after their release date (I hate crowded theatres) OR will be viewed when they air on TMN, SuperChannel or whatever cable network wins their rights. There are, of course, a few exceptions (bolded) that warrant multiple viewing on their actual release dates. Gods willing, Frankenstein and Crimson Peak will both be at TIFF this year...ideally at Midnight Madness but with those casts I expect Ryerson at a minimum. By no means is this list complete...I suspect many others will be added along the way.

Jan 23 Strange Magic
Feb 6 Jupiter Ascending (finally)
Feb 6 Seventh Son (finally)
Feb 13 Kingsman the Secret Service (looks cute but likely doesn't warrant an actual trip to the theatre)
Mar 13 In the Heart of the Sea
Mar 20 Insurgent
Apr 3 Fast & Furious 7 (aww, I can't wait to see this!!)
Apr 10 The Moon and the Sun
May 1 Avengers Age of Ultron (I'll likely only go to see this by default...)
May 1 Far from the Madding Crowd
May 15 Mad Max Fury Road (oh Tom Hardy, your casting is the only reason this movie will do well...if it even does well)
May 15 Pitch Perfect 2 (definitely a TMN not theatre)
Jun 12 Jurassic Park (really? again? I'm on the fence about this one)
Jul 24 Pan
Sep 11 The Visit (TBA...but it is M. Night Shyamalan)
Sep 18 Maze Runner 2
Oct 2 Frankenstein (saying the TIFF prayer as a I type this)
Oct 2 London Has Fallen
Oct 16 Crimson Peak (this one is a lock for TIFF)
Oct 23 The Last Witch Hunter
Nov 20 Mockingjay Pt 2
Nov 25 The Martian
Dec 18 Inferno
TBA 2015: MacBeth (get a release date already!!...and oh, be at TIFF while you are at it)

Feb 12 Gods of Egypt ('cause nothing screams Gods of Eypgt like Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush, Rufus Sewall and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, all playing Egyptian gods...brilliant casting job there *rolls eyes*)
Mar 4 Peregrine's Home for Peculiars
Mar 11 Warcraft
Mar 18 Allegiant
Mar 25 Batman v Superman ( I really just want to see how bad this turns out)
Apr 22 The Huntsman
May 27 XMen Apocalypse (I’m already counting down the days…497 to go)
May 27 Alice through the Looking Glass (really, on the same day as Xmen?? *headdesk*)
Jun 16 Finding Dory (it's about time...this movie should have happened five years ago!!)
Jun 24 Independence Day 2 (it's a little late for a sequel but I'll take it)
Jun 24 The Mummy (they are rebooting the franchise...quidquid)
Jul 8 Star Trek 3
Jul 15 The Bourne Legacy 2 (
Jul 22 Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur (dang, couldn't they get Dan Stevens to play Lancelot? With him alongside Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur I would have truly been in Camelot)
Dec TBA The Sandman
Dec 21 A*sa*sin's Creed (this movie will be a hot mess but I'm certain I'll be gushing through the whole thing...Note: 'gushing' is a very tame PG14 synonym for my likely reaction to this movie
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For some of these I have no idea what they're about or whose in them....

I'm sorry but the Egyptian Gods one makes me laugh and angry at the same time. Why doesn't anyone in Hollywood understand or get the Ancient Egyptians? SIGH

Looking forwards to the ones in bold as well as a few others....
Finally a free weekend to maybe see something this Saturday or Sunday...I think Imitation Game is still playing at our theatre. Jupiter Ascending is just coming out there as well this weekend. We aren't getting Seventh Son. Strange Magic is still at Yonge Dundas and I think they are getting Seventh Son. So whatever tickles your fancy...
We should figure out which to see....I'm leaning towards Strange Magic but could go for anyone one of the others....