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Have you ever binge-watched a TV series? If so, what was it? Why did you like it so much?
I binge-watched (sort of) both The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey. AMC was running a TWD marathon over my Christmas break in 2013 and I decided to turn on the first episode. I was pretty much hooked from that moment on. For Downton, I was recommended to watch the series so I patiently waited for PBS to re-air the first season. I pvr'd it, watched it, loved it...and then did the same with the subsequent seasons which PBS so kindly chose to run in order to lead up to the season five premiere.
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Yes! I binge-watched the series 24 a few years ago, buying the DVDs for all 8 seasons when Blockbuster went bust and I bought them on sale. I also binge-watched Mad Men on Netflix, as well as Orange Is The New Black and just recently, Scott & Bailey and Silk. I have fallen in love with British crime series and am now watching Luther.

I am a regular Downton Abbey watcher but I always make sure I see the new episodes when they come out on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. I watched the first season of Walking Dead but haven't seen it after that. I should - I hear it's very good. And I recently became interested in Hannibal. I watched a few episodes and thought they were very well done and not at all what I'd expected. And I've just read that Richard Armitage will be in the third season which will premiere soon. I can't wait! So much TV, so little time. :)
Wait, hold on, RICHARD ARMITAGE is in the third season of Hannibal? That films in Toronto, doesn't it? Now I'm intrigued.