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GoT S5 preview...

From the IMAX screenings of GoT comes this preview for S5….

Honestly I am so sick of Daenerys delivering those pithy iconic phrases. Just speak like a normal person please. I shouldn’t watch this show live – if I dvr’d it I could just ffwd through her scenes. From this clip it looks as though they have made some improvements to Tyrion’s storyline. Not surprising though ‘cause if they kept the character exactly the same, IMO Peter Dinklage should have simply quit while he was ahead OR demanded a HUGE raise. More Varys please…he’s great. I hope they focus more on Cersei this season…she is barely in the novels and I think that leaves it open quite nicely to explore her character in depth on screen. But frankly, the only thing I’m really looking forward to is the Dornes and Sunspear…yay for the Sand Snakes. Well, that and the Mel/Jon Snow scenes purely because Carice will walk all over Kit and I will LOL watching it happen. Oh wait…and Theon. Will the Theon storyline arc occur this season? It logically should happen this season BUT they could always just leave him out entirely this year (like Bran *sigh*). Hold on, I keep remembering other things…will they go to the Citadel this season?? I want to see Alleras. Sam can’t get there soon enough IMO…so looking forward to his training. Geez, I honestly can’t remember anything else of significance. Arya’s training…yes, yes….that too. Cray-cray Lancel Lannister will likely be a write-off – he doesn’t NEED to be in the series, even though I’d pay to see Jaime’s reactions when Jaime does reacquaint himself with his cousin. That would be a bonus scene for me if it did happen. OK so some small things to look forward to. 
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