"It is finished"...

Final performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at Hart House and I already miss it immensely. There is a giant void without JCS in my life. *sigh* There really is no need for me to go on again about how great the production was. I loved it the first time around and it was even better the second time. The singing was stronger…even though there wasn’t much to improve upon IMO. Acting was good, not Tony-worth but decent enought…In terms of Hart House I maintain that this was their best production to date. Highlight of the final performance though was when I turned around during "The Last Supper" to notice the10 year-old-ish girl sitting next to me who was completely engrossed by the production…we are talking jaw-dropped, gaping expression. I proceeded to periodically check her reactions during some of the key moments later on throughout the play and she did not fail to deliver. She was the epitome of a first-time-theatre-goer and/or first-time-Jesus-Christ-Superstar-attendee – completely in awe of every moment. I’m certain theatre, and for that matter, the bible, will never be the same for her. I understand and sympathize…it’s like Hamlet for the first time. Nothing is ever the same.
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Depending on the costs of course but if we won the lottery and I mean a substantial amount I'd offer to pay the rights so they could record a cast album.....