Superbowl Sunday NOT...

I did not watch the Superbowl. First off, I could care less about the game itself. I would watch for the commercials but since I live in Canada I don’t get to see the US commercials so there is no point. I have occasionally turned on the halftime shows for the musical guests but his year I had zero interest in Katy Perry’s performance. From what I have heard, it was a good game. I am happy for the Patriot fans but since most of the people I follow on Twitter prefer Seattle, I guess I’m disappointed with the results. MEH…suffice to say, Downton Abbey was far more interesting for me. Glad to see Ms. Bunting go…she was really annoying. Although I suspect she hasn’t left for good. And what is this rumour that Season 6 will be the finale? Say it isn’t so L

And for the record, seeing as it is February 2nd, please leave that little groundhog alone. Poor guy just wants to get some sleep. 
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