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Treasure Island

One of the most enjoyable initiatives over the past couple of years has been the implementation of the National Theatre Live program. The National Theatre’s ground-breaking project now broadcasts the best of British theatre live from the London stage to cinemas around the world. So far I have been fortunate to witness the arena production of Jesus Christ Superstar as well as the Benedict Cumberbatch/Jonny Lee Miller Frankenstein and Tom Hiddleston’s Coriolanus. This weekend’s treat is the classic Treasure Island.

Interesting twist on the story with cabin ‘boy’ Jim Hawkins now being played most enjoyably by a very androgynous Patsy Ferran. Very clever as it truly does aid to shed a new light on Jim’s ‘admiration’ of the pirate Long John Silver. Speaking of whom, whoa, what a transformation there….a barely recognizable Arthur Darvill portraying the most famous pirate in English literature. I LOL’d when niviene leaned over to ask me what she had seen him in…oh gee, I don’t know, maybe Doctor Who for the past three seasons???!!! Not quite the LJS I recall from the book…hardly as intimidating…a tad more philosophical. A friend or a foe…a father-figure or a precarious temptation…hard to tell from this adaptation – and that is what makes this LJS all the more enticing than in the original storyline. Quite the staging for this production. Very impressive work crafting that pirate ship – rigging and all. Mind you, the Frankenstein sets were just as elaborate. National Theatre setting a bar there. Stratford, you have a lot to live up to. Next year sees a staging of Hamlet beckoning on the horizon. I truly hope this National Theatre Live initiative continues to thrive as I just can’t get enough of the quality productions they offer. 
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May the gods bless National Theatre Live! I just wish they'd do more maybe I don't know.....The Ruling Class with the lovely and sweet James McAvoy lol

I can't believe I didn't recognize Arthur right away....duh....his mannerisms and expressions were familiar but facially I was at a loss with the long hair, pirate attire and hat!

Loved the more philosophical take on LJS whether that be the director's take, Arthur's or the play itself....also thought the whole production was simply pure brilliance!