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Awards Wrap Up

Grammies, BAFTAs, Oscars…they were all pretty boring this year. The best (and only) performance worth watching at the Grammies was Annie Lennox with Hozier – Annie Lennox because she is a musical goddess whose voice and stage presence are nothing short of stupendous; Hosier because quite frankly he has the paramount song (and hair) of the moment – simply impossible to take your eyes and ears off the two of them. My only complaint was that Annie didn’t seem too into the Hozier song which she could have truly knocked out of the park had she really been giving it her all. If you missed their duet, I’ve linked the performance behind a cut below. As for the remainder of the show, aside maybe from the atrocity that was overtly exuberant Madonna, the performances were all really sombre. Ahh, if only Bruno Mars were there…sigh. Kanye = shut up, that is all.

BAFTAs…all I seem to remember is James McAvoy…and let us pause and appreciate that…

Oscars…quite truthfully I still haven’t watched (nor am I likely to) the whole telecast. Saw the red carpet and the first half hour, but priorities ensued and well, The Walking Dead took over at 9PM and it was pretty much intermittent Oscar viewing after that. From what I did see, NPH was a decent host but nowhere near Hugh Jackman level. As for the winners, my ballot literally matched up with one exception - best animated feature…so no major upsets. Best dressed = Anna Kendrick was first up on the red carpet and basically I could have turned the show off after that bit of perfection. Runner up: Lupita and her white pearls.  As for the men, Benedict Cumberbatch wins that award (aside - doesn’t his wife look like a bit like Amy Acker?). I’m still awaiting the Jared Leto/Lenny Kravitz adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar. I have to say though, it felt odd watching the Oscars (and any of the movie award shows this year, for that matter) without Michael Fassbender. It just seems off…like he belongs there…nominated for one brilliant performance or another….and sadly, him likely losing out yet again to someone who isn’t nearly as talented. MEH…eventually…(three potential Oscar-y type movies in the works for next year…*fingers crossed*)
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The Annie Lenox and Hozier performance stole the show hands down everything else paled by comparison!

Honestly I prefer the BAFTAs over all other award shows....I just dislike how you can't watch it live and we get an edited version a week or so later. There's no excuse with today's technology why all award shows can't be broadcast live over the internet. *rolls eyes*