Blithe Spirit

Much like my comments surrounding the National Theatre Live productions that have been airing at my local cinema, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to be able to see the touring production of Blithe Spirit that has settled in Toronto for a month+ long run. This production boasts the cast from the London show featuring the 89-years young Angela Lansbury as Madame Arcati, a questionable psychic who, upon the entreaty of mystery writer Charles (Charles Edwards – aka Gregson of Downton Abbey), conducts a séance - strictly ‘for research purposes’, of course - and manages to hook him back up with his now passed-on former spouse, Elvira (Jemima Rooper – whom I’m still fangirling over from oh-so-many things – Lost in Austen, Hex, Atlantis…). I literally cannot believe that I have been able to see these actors live, in person, HERE…in TORONTO…in this play. Thank you! I’m so used to musicals it is a rare treat to enjoy a dialogue-based dramedy that is set exclusively in one room. The play, by Noel Coward, is wonderfully witty with its otherworldly plot – although, unfortunately, I can’t say it is quite on the same level as Oscar Wilde brilliant.  The focus of the play is on Charles and the interactions he has with both the spirit of first wife Elvira and his very much alive second wife, Ruth. The freshly summoned Elvira has no plans to leave any time soon and intends to win back her man by any means necessary. Meanwhile Ruth is unable to see or hear ghost Elvira and therefore Ruth is repeatedly confused, confounded and often quite disgruntled as she continues to believe her husband’s oft-brusque and flippant comments are exclusively meant for her rather than some ‘fictitious’ apparition. Even more problems ensue when Arcati is recalled to help jettison Elvira. A few comedic scene-stealing moments from maid Nellie and eventually all is settled – for better or worse.

Ah so enjoyable. I only wish I could see it again but alas…tickets are pricey (albeit worth every penny). Oh how I love you theatre…more please. 
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Loved it! And worth every penny too for the tickets.

It was really nice to see a drama/comedy for a change since it's true we usually go to musicals!

Looking forward to next year's selections of Mirvish productions including Judas Kiss (with Rupert Everett) and Gaslight next year!!!