From the moment Saje opened its doors in the Toronto Eaton Centre I knew I had discovered another soon-to-be favourite shopping destination. Saje’s products are excellent. Their scents are clean and natural - not perfumey (probably because they aren't full of the crappy toxins that those nasty, over-priced perfumes contain!)Their ‘exotic’ deodorant is by far the best deodorant I have ever used. I can workout and STILL smell amazing after the workout! And although it didn’t flat out cure or prevent my headache, the ‘peppermint halo’ was so relaxing and cooling it almost made having a headache an enjoyable experience. I wear the ‘tantra’ oil every day and get so many compliments about it. I just dab a bit of the massage oil on my arms and décolletage and I’m good to go for the day.Next up I'll be purchasing their 'Rosemary Radiance' hair conditioner and a couple of essential oils to add to my regular diy hair mask. From the looks of it, Saje has new promo offerings every month so I'm holding off 'til September to make another purchase in hopes that the September promo is a good one. Huzzah! 
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Sounds wonderful. Since I am currently fighting with a sinus headache brought on by allergies, I could use some of that peppermint halo. I just can't imagine that I'd actually enjoy this headache, though. :(