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Uncle Tetsu

This morning, by a strange twist of fate, there were ZERO people in line for Uncle Tetsu’s at Bay and Dundas. I only had to wait 10 minutes to pick up a cheesecake. Is this cheesecake worth all the hype? Well, yes and no. It’s good - a different taste that most cheesecakes – light, moist and not too sweet. But is it worth lining up for? Well it is not worth spending one to two hours in line on a hot summer day with the sun blazing down upon you. I would definitely purchase the cheesecake again though – providing the wait time/line up was minimal. If you do want to try it, I suggest you go there first thing in the morning. They open up at 7am and by the time I usually pass by the shop en route to work, circa 8:10am, there is a lineup of about 3-5 people as opposed to the regular mid day crowds of 20+ plus. Remember they only make about 10 of these cakes an hour so the later you arrive, the longer the wait. Frankly though, I’m far more excited by the soft-serve matcha green tea ice cream they offer in their café next door. YUMMY!
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I LOVE green tea ice cream! And red bean...have you tried that? Mmmmm.....
I have had read bean, but not recently. I recall at the time I actually liked it better than green tea. I suspect it probably depends on my mood...and the quality of ice cream. Both are yummy in general!!