First round of Victor Frankenstein promos...

Big day for the 'Victor Frankenstein' advertising team. First off, here is the first promo poster:

And the first full-length trailer:

I truly cannot wait to see this movie. :)  If I go by the marketing campaign, it is scheduled to be released at 'Thanksgiving'. In Canada that is a month earlier than the States...just sayin'.

(BTW, have you noticed the obsession with Frankenstein of late? - This movie along with the recent 'I, Frankenstein', the National Theatre production featuring Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch (which was EXCELLENT!!), Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful', YA lit ('A Cold Legacy'), and the upcoming ballet that will be presented in T.O. via the Cineplex Dance Series on the big screen ...)
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This movie looks wonderful. And my gosh, look at Daniel Radcliffe! O_O
I'm not a huge Radcliffe fan but I think he has made some excellent career choices since Harry Potter.
I agree! I've seen some of his movies since Harry Potter and enjoyed them very much. I could never "squee" over him 'Frankenstein' makes him look so 'grown up'.