TIFF 2015

While the actual schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, it looks as though the movie catalogue is set and it does NOT include Victor Frankenstein or Crimson Peak. What a shame...

On a positive note, I expect Hiddles will be coming since they have booked the world premieres of both I Saw the Light and High-Rise. While I have zero interest in seeing I Saw the Light (I'm not a exactly a country music or a Hank Williams fan), I would like to go to High-Rise. Ideally Luke Evans, Jeremy Irons and James Purefoy will also be in attendance for the event. The other movie that is on my radar is Kill Your Friends. The story includes all the necessary components that make up the movies I tend to enjoy (music, period piece, comedy, British). Add to that the icing-on-the-cake cast that consists of Nicholas Hoult, James Corden and Tom Riley. Brilliant! Hopefully I can get tickets for it. The other films, well they are pretty much meh…there are a few films I am mildly interested in but nothing else that I NEED to see. Any of the big name, big budget films are likely going to be released later this year and I’m in no rush to pay up to $40 to stand in line to see them in advance in an uncomfortable, crowded theatre at a time that is likely inconvenient for me. Oh, and no Fassbender…even though he has about 5 or 6 films scheduled for release over the next year. What’s up with that?
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Is it time for TIFF already? My, how time flies! My gosh, though, Luke Evans, Jeremy Irons and JAMES PUREFOY all in one movie??? I must see it!

No Fassbender? That is too bad, but there will be plenty of other eye candy by the sound of it. ;)