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CNE food extravaganza

Almost time for my annual excursion to the CNE. I usually don’t bother with the crazy food concoctions they dream up, but this year I may have to partake in the deep fried rice pudding. Although the majority of this year’s CNE foods sound downright scary, there are few interesting and potentially edible options. You can view the menu - here .

In regards to entrees – the Sumo Burger actually sounds delicious (two beef patty hamburger with tomatoes, lettuce, hoisin sauce, wasabi mayo, wasabi cucumbers, caramelized onions and chow mein noodles in a sesame seed bun) – but I usually go for bison burgers when I’m at the Ex. The Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese sounds a hell of a lot better than it looks. Basically it is six strips of bacon wrapped around a grilled cheese sandwich (and you can top it off with spicy ketchup!). If it looks anything like the photo though – ewww!

In regards to desserts - the Boanana Split sounds good (an Asian bun filled with nutella, sliced bananas, whipped cream, chocolate and strawberry syrup topped with a cherry) – but I’m pretty sure I’d still prefer the crepe version that you can find anywhere through the Ex. The Bloomin’ Apple ( green apples covered in caramel and Nutella) looks yummy but it certainly isn’t original or unique – I think they sell something similar at Rocky Mountain Chocolate. The Timbit poutines are probably okay – well at least the chocolate salted caramel and the maple cinnamon French toast ones.

Otherwise, the rest of the menu is just nasty. I’ll probably wind up sticking to the usual – a bison burger, crepes and some Tiny Tom Donuts to take away – and anything else that strikes my fancy.
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