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My first fashion show...

My first time ever at a fashion show. I attended the Parloque show at Men’s Fashion Week in Toronto last week. It wasn’t quite what I expected. Granted it was a men’s fashion show so I expect it is a bit different from the women's ones. There weren’t that many people in attendance – maybe 200 people tops. The lineup lasted longer than the show itself which was over in five minutes. Each model came out once and then they all returned for the finale. The fashion was edgy, streetwear that looked like a mix of martial arts gear and lounge wear. Lots of bold colours. The makeup and hair on the models was very minimalistic and it worked well with the fashions. The music was cool but far too repetitive…it got boring by the end. I wished they had changed it up a little. I pretty much only attended because one of my friends was a model; it was his first show and he did an amazing job! Some of the other models though - either they were bang on with that intense stare thing going on...or they looked like they were so out of it, mentally doing their shopping list in their head as they walked the runway. And yes, they were all pretty much gorgeous - especially the one that looked part Native American...he kind of reminded me of Booboo Stewart...yummy.

So that is one more new experience in my life – attending a fashion show. Not a bucket list item or anything but it is always good to try something different just to keep things interesting!
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