2016 - Virgo Horoscope

Virgo 2016 Overview Horoscope

Until September 2016, Jupiter’s presence in Virgo makes your life fuller, more optimistic, more prosperous. Your charisma increases, and others regard you as a unique, special, and fascinating person more and more.

You’re energetic and have authority, focus on objectives better. You’re after promotions, honors, and financial gain, but are also attracted by travel, exploration, adventure. Foreign countries and foreigners are favorable to you. Your cultural and intellectual horizons widen.

Virgoans’ mood is excellent for the first 9 months of 2016. You’re very confident in your own devices, take things easier, have a sense of humor, enjoy having fun and making others laugh.

You’re in top physical shape as well. You’re full of life and love being active: walks, expeditions, sports and so on. Your sexuality is over the top and you’d like more action in terms of love life.

In September 2016, Jupiter enters Virgo’s house of money, where it will stay for a year. Your ability to manage and multiply your material resources is on the rise. You’re tempted to try bolder things, like investing, buying bonds (of course, provided you study the market and have trustworthy advisors!) or adopt an innovative or modern technology, that would make your work more efficient and bring you more money.

With Saturn in Virgo’s 4th house, home, family or property demand the most of you. In the negative version (that could manifest itself especially until fall 2016), these areas take up a lot of your time, resources, and could be reason for concern or unhappiness: a sick parent, a house’s building or redecorating is slow, a long-lasting partition, complications met when trying to acquire land, and so on.

In the positive version, you might start building a house, buy an apartment, consolidate, redecorate, buy furniture or long-term household appliances and so on (valid throughout the year, but more probably during the last trimester).

Things are looking good emotionally, especially up until September.

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