Assassin's Creed

So the next Assassin’s Creed game will be set in Ancient Egypt with the potential of going forward into Ancient Greece and Rome as the franchise continues. Sign me up, I’m in….although I can’t imagine it would be able to top the brilliance of the Italian Renaissance. How do you top Cesare Borgia??? I can’t speak so much for Ancient Egypt (I hope it is set in Akhenaten’s reign, not Ramses II) but if I were betting I’d go either Pericles or Alexander the Great era for Greece (ooh but Thermopylae would be fun…) and take your pick of the Julio-Claudians for the Roman rendering. Tiberius would be awesome, Caligula would be more suited to the franchise, but ultimately I suspect they’ll go Nero just because. Mind you they’d need to hold out til the Flavians if they want to include the Colosseum…meh, too bad. I can’t help but LOL thinking of what they are going to do to those poor praetorians.

(That said, you know I’m counting down the days till the AC movie…349 to go)
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