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Rise a Knight....

And in more Templar news….

It’s been three years since The History Channel successfully entered the original scripted series arena with Vikings (along with Black Sails and Penny Dreadful, arguably the best tv series that hasn't been cancelled these days IMO).

Now the cable network is mounting a new scripted push (\o/...about friggin' time) which includes a 10-episode straight-to-series order to another historical drama, Knightfall. It will premiere in late 2016. Knightfall chronicles the mysterious but true accounts of the Knights Templar, the elite warriors of the Crusades. It delves into the great secrets protected by the Templars and tells the story of faith, loyalty and brotherhood that help sustain these warriors on the battlefield, and the dark events that would forever sear the infamous date of Friday the 13th into the world’s psyche.

Only drawback – the show will be executive produced by Jeremy Renner :-/ He is expected to guest star and might recur. (Let us hope NOT.)

Full article – here.

Technically, if you are a frequent viewer of The History Channel, and based on their current repertoire of top-notch quality journalism series (*rolls eyes*), you would have already deduced that every single momentous event, mysterious locale, hallowed relic and enigmatic ruler in the extent of human history can all be traced back to either (a) the Templars or (b) aliens. I’m guaranteeing that for rating sweeps there will be an alien encounter on Knightfall …or perhaps an even bigger reveal = the Templars really were aliens.....duh duh duhhhhh...someone cue Giorgio Tsoukalos, pronto.
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