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Golden Globes - Afterthoughts Pt. 1 (the awards ceremony)

After a day to reflect, below are my thoughts on the Golden Globes ceremony itself. Comments on the fashion will follow in a separate post.

The Host:

  • In comparison to Tina and Amy, Ricky Gervais sucked. He wasn’t a bad host…just not as good as Tina and Amy. I didn’t think he was particularly memorable – his jokes and/or ‘insults’ were mild and tame IMO. In fact, many of the presenters were funnier.

Best Speeches:

  • Taraji P Henson - loved the wild hair, the cookie distribution (but she’s no Carol/The Walking Dead, though) and her rebuttal comment back to the teleprompter: "Wait a minute. I waited 20 years for this. You gon’ wait. Yeah, you gon' give me a little more time." LOL…she’s the best.

  • Quentin Tarantino – say what you will but this crazy man is a riot.

  • Jamie Foxx introducing his daughter Corinne (aka Miss Golden Globe) – I’m not a Jamie Foxx fan but that heartfelt shout-out to his daughter was very well done.

Most over-rated Moment:

  • The Gaga/DiCaprio bump – it was an awkward incident that wound up being blown up out of proportion and overanalyzed to death on social media. She was simply trying to get past a really crowded area of the room, he wasn’t paying attention to her and his arm was in the way, she bumped him, and he reacted…I honestly don’t think there is anything to be read into it either way.

Happy Wins:

  • Matt Damon – The one person who I genuinely believe deserved to win an award… (even if it was in the ‘musical/comedy’ category…LOL). Matt was the reason WHY The Martian worked so well. He carried that movie.

  • Television newbies – nice to see a lot of new faces winning in the television categories  rather than the same old, same old (with the exception of course for the token final season nod to Jon Hamm, Mad Men)

Better luck next time:

  • Michael Fassbender - ok so everyone and their brother knew Leo would win and technically Leo is well overdue for the Oscar (geez what is wrong with the Academy…LEO HASN’T WON ANYTHING YET…pathetic) so this loss isn’t too depressing and of course I have faith MF will win in the future…

  • Eva Green - again, not a surprise that she didn’t win. That said, her performance in season two of Penny Dreadful wasn’t as good as in season one. No reflection on her acting ability – she just wasn’t given as much to work with in season two. She deserved the nomination and the win last year. And, in all truthfulness, no one deserves the television actress award more than Tatiana Maslany who wasn’t even nominated. For shame, HFP.

  • Saoirse Ronan - I thought she had a good chance to win. MEH. But not a big deal…I’m fine with Brie Larson.

Final thoughts:
I quite genuinely believe that the Oscars will NOT have the same results as the Golden Globes in the key categories. I don’t know why, I just have a feeling. And of course there will be some unexpected nominations (not so much unexpected as, different, different from the GG’s…e.g. Tom Hardy?). I guess we’ll find out on Thursday. 
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We need Tina and Amy back! (Have you seen Sisters yet? I haven't.)
No I haven't seen the movie - honestly I prefer both them just being themselves rather than in a scripted movie. They are even funnier adlibbing which makes them such great hosts.