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Golden Globes - Afterthoughts Pt. 2 (the fashion)

Overall I’d say it was a pretty darned mediocre red carpet. I had my favourites and there were a few I couldn’t stand. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I could easily see people disliking the looks that I thought were stunning and I could just as easily see people loving the looks that I thought were revolting. The three key trends I noted on the carpet were:

  1. The uber low cut dress – which only seemed to work well on Olivia Wilde.

  2. No obnoxious and excessive jewelry – just one simple statement and usually diamond necklace. Emmy Rossum was the winner in this category.

  3. Heavy brow powder – it seemed as though everyone made a conscious effort to create the perfect brow with the help of a generous dose of powder. In most cases, it worked out quite well but Taraji needs her makeup artist to tone down those arches.

Enough chatting…on to my favs list. Bear in mind, I don’t consider them ‘best’ or ‘worst’ dressed….they are just the ones I liked and disliked the most:

My personal favs:

Lily James – as gorgeous as the dress looks in photos and on the red carpet, the fabric showed up kinda flimsy on camera during the ceremony itself and resembled mummy wrapping. I still liked it though.

Saoirse Ronan – Perfect white dress ; she looked like a goddess (ok well it’s Saoirse, so more like a fae)

Brie Larson – I usually hate sparkle and metallic but for some reason I just love this one. Note: THIS is what Kate Hudson should have worn...

Helen Mirren - Classic and classy

I know this one will be controversial but…Rooney Mara. I think she may be my overall fav for the night.
I love it – it’s post-apocalypse chic…and the hair braid is so fierce and unique.  So cool she warrants two pics:

And in the 'what were they thinking?' category....

Katy Perry – colour is great, but the fit is terrible and it is way too low cut. She also had the absolute worst hair of the night. It was the 60’s gone bad.

Jane Fonda – she looked like she was being swallowed by a clamshell…

Alicia Vikander – Granted I did like the criss-cross back, but overall this dress was horrid. This pic doesn’t do the evilness of that bib front top and vertical blind skirting justice. (fyi – I can forgive her for her bad taste in clothes since she has the best taste in men)

Heidi Klum – on anybody other than Heidi Klum this would be absolutely repulsive. She at least makes it look tolerable.

Kate Hudson – what annoys me most about this 2-piece outfit (well, 3 if you count the neckband <_<)  is that it makes her look like she is trying too hard. We get it, you have a great body for someone over 30 but really, no need to show it off like that. It just looks silly on the red carpet. And the sad thing is she usually is one of the best dressed.

Melissa McCarthy – That dress looked like a garbage bag onscreen.

As for the men, Ryan Gosling cleaned up nicely.  Eddie Redmayne was adorable (and along with his wife, they were my fav couple on the red carpet). Not too sure what was going on there with Channing Tatum’s hair? And, as niviene put it, the Rock looked like a bouncer. And of course there was Michael *sigh* *swoon*.... 
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