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2016 Oscar Nominations...

Nominations for the 88th annual Academy Awards were announced today. Not too many surprises. A LOT of nods to Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian and not just in the technical categories. I was a little upset that “See You Again” was not nominated for Best Original Song but I guess that means I can cheer for Sam Smith (I still think “Writing’s on the Wall” is better than “Skyfall”). Was there really a need to nominate John Williams’ for another Star Wars score?? Quidquid – I’m with Ennio Morricone in that category but I had just recently commented to niviene that Thomas Newman had 12 previous Oscar nominations and NO WINS so he is very due. Speaking of being due, Leonardo DiCaprio simply has to win this year; I just can’t imagine him losing again. Sorry, Michael and Matt…you’ll both just have to wait. The Revenant is the likely favourite in the big categories (picture, director, actor) along with the potential spoilers The Big Short and Spotlight. I totally called that nomination for Tom Hardy (as per previous post). Nice to see acknowledgment for Charlotte Rampling and Mark Rylance. So happy to see Rachel McAdams with a nomination as well – but I want Rooney to win Supporting Actress. Stallone will be the sentimental favourite in the Supporting Actor category. As for Best Actress I think it is more or less between Brie and Saoirse. Stay tuned…Oscars on Sunday, February 28th. Full list of nominees, along with some interviews - here
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