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Toruk - Cirque du Soleil

I’m a rather avid fan of Cirque du Soleil. I have lost track of how many of their shows I’ve seen. As much as I love Cirque, I was reluctant to attend their latest production, Toruk, as it was being performed in a larger arena rather than their more intimate (and more enjoyable) tent setting. However, when I saw the previews of the premiere I knew I couldn’t miss it. Unfortunately, the production was only in Toronto for four days. niviene and I were extemely lucky to snag some excellent seats at the last minute for Sunday’s performance.

Toruk is the love-child of Cirque du Soleil and James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Avatar. I wasn’t a fan of the film itself but there was no denying its visual spectacle. Teaming up with Cirque, you knew it was a recipe for magic. Unlike most Cirque shows which focus on breathtaking acrobatics, this performance was more geared toward storytelling – featuring an English language narrative and characters that spoke Na’vi, the original language created for the film.

The story takes place generations before Avatar and deals with the first Na’vi to ride the dragonlike creature, the Toruk. After a prophecy foretells the demise of the sacred Tree of Souls, the life source of the Na’vi, the orphan Entu and his bff Ralu set out on a quest to obtain the five sacred objects - one each from the various tribes of the Na’vi - that will lure the mysterious Toruk to aid the Na'vi in their effort to save the tree. Along the way, they encounter diverse Na’vi tribes and assorted creatures (Julie Taymor influence notwithstanding) in awe-inspiring settings that range from a bioluminescent forest to a torrential riverflow to an erupting volcano. I can’t say the plot was anything particularly special – but it was all worth it for the visuals. The visual elements can be considered the true stars of this Cirque masterpiece. The finale, which featured the [spoilers] the rebirth of the Tree of Souls, was the highlight of the show and a complete feast for the eyes.

If Toruk is coming to your town be sure not to miss it!

...and a pic of the AMAZING Tree of Souls ...(pictures do not do it justice...you need to see it in person tbt)
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