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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Just back from the theatre...I finally saw it and what can I say? It was good…I expected it to be good. But I’m sorry to say, it just wasn’t the mind-blowing, awesome spectacle the people are making it out to be. JJ Abrams did a great job rebooting and reinventing Star Trek…not so much for Star Wars. It was far too repetitious of (I'm actually being polite here...what I mean to say is 'exactly the same as' and/or 'a total ripoff of') the first Star Wars (or should I say the fourth Star Wars, quidquid)…but simply not as good. If I had never seen the original Star Wars, I would likely think differently. The Force Awakens was a decent movie and defnitely worth seeing. It just didn't have the lasting impact of the original. Star Wars: A New Hope was the first movie I saw in a theatre (you know, way back when it was JUST called Star Wars) and basically that experience will never be topped for me.

A lot of plot holes in The Force Awakens – too many to detail and frankly, they are summarized quite nicely – here - and - here.

Best part of the movie was Poe – he was the only ‘new’ character I actually cared about. Let’s have his backstory please. Oscar Isaacs has given me some hope for the next X:Men movie.

Worst part of the movie – Kylo Ren. For an epic movie like this, there needs to be a noteworthy adversary - one that you do fear and you do hate, but, to some extent, you also respect and sympathize with. Granted with the mask on and for the first third of the movie, Kylo Ren was legitimately intimidating. But frankly, once he took that mask off (bad decision on the part of the director), all I got was a wimpy emo kid with a bad 70s hairdo.  He was incompetent, not so bright and clearly inept at using the Force….[spoilers ahead] was he really supposed to be Luke’s best student??? Even more difficult to believe was that he was the son of Han Solo….zero resemblance to Leia or Han. Do they have such a thing as a paternity test in this galaxy far, far away?? You may want to check on that.

If I were to rank this movie out of 5, I’d give a 3.5…okay maybe throw in a bonus for Han Solo ‘cause no one will ever do it better than Harrison Ford….Han Solo is and always will be my first love (but I'm not opposed to having an affair with Indiana Jones on occasion).
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I saw it on its opening night here...was dragged by my 13-year-old straight off the bus from work! I agree with almost everything you said but I actually thought Kylo Ren was an interesting character, who underlines the idea (for me anyway) that in Star Wars there are no all good and all bad (black & white) characters but everyone in some way has their grey shades. (If that makes any sense.) I expect good explanations in the next movie.

I thought Oscar Isaacs was fantastic. He made the movie better, IMO. I do care what happens to his character.
The better novels, movies and television series do tend to feature characters that are morally ambiguous - there are no clear cut good guys or bad guys. Case in point - Game of Thrones.

Yay for Oscar Isaacs...I am hoping to see more of Poe in the next movie.