Black Sails - Cpt Flint

Pirates Unite: The Return of Black Sails (and some Bear McCreary)...

Tonight marks the return of one of my fav series – Black Sails. The season three premiere is scheduled at 10pm on SuperChannel in Canada. Ahh, Black Sails. Let us just stop to pause and reflect for a moment on the show that brought us the best season finale of 2015… #PiratesUnite.

Things I’m looking forward to in the third season:
~ Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson!!!)
~ The British Invasion
~ Flint vs shark
~ Badass John Silver
~ The storm of all storms
~ Max being boss
~ Rackham being a bloody brilliant idiot
~ Vane being Vane
(I’m surprised how much fan hate this character receives…for what it’s worth, I can’t help but love him)
~ R.I.P. - Flint’s hair :(

 A wee trailer to whet your appetite:

And for good measure, here is a BTS video of Bear McCreary discussing the scoring of this series.
If you don't know who Bear McCreary is - watch, listen and be wowed....

(Note: I have just discovered the Bear McCreary youtube channel…so basically I’ll be a bit preoccupied for the next little while)
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Too bad I don't get the Super Channel! Maybe Netflix has this series...I'll have to check.
Quite honestly this, along with maybe Vikings and Penny Dreadful (and a new series called Versailles), are my favourite series right now. Make sure you do watch it if it comes to Netflix. Season one is great but season two is AMAZING.