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John Barrowman Reigns....

For the few Reign fans out there, a great new addition to the cast…even if he is only a guest-star….(if you aren’t caught up on Reign, spoilers ahead…)

When it came time for King Francis to die on 'Reign', the show knew it wanted to throw fans for a loop. So instead of sending Francis out after his long battle with whatever was happening with his ear, he died fighting to save Mary’s life (in a literal swordfight, that is). But it’s not until Mary sets foot on Scottish soil that she’s going to come face-to-face with the person responsible for Francis’ death. EW can exclusively reveal that Arrow’s (edit: I’m pretty sure more people know him from Doctor Who…just sayin) John Barrowman will guest-star in 'Reign'’s penultimate episode this season.

Barrowman, who’s no stranger to playing bad guys, is set to play Munro, a dangerous and charismatic Scottish clan leader who harbors a sinister grudge against the Queen of Scots. So naturally, when Mary returns to Scotland, she finds herself in the presence of the man who cost her the love of her life.

'Reign' returns this spring to The CW.”

(from EW -

So what did I take away from this article:

  • John Barrowman will be on Reign in a guest role. I fully expected the show to be cancelled after this season…but now I hope it gets renewed if it means I get to see John Barrowman return at some point next season.

  • John Barrowman will be filming in Toronto

  • John Barrowman MAY actually get to use his Scottish accent (err, that is, his Scottish-heritage accent...).

  • Reign will finally go to Scotland….I’m curious where they plan on filming ‘Scotland’ within the GTA…LOL

  • Let us pray that John Barrowman and Megan Follows have the opportunity to be onscreen together to exchange witty repartees (although why Catherine would go to Scotland is beyond me...but PLEASE writers make it happen!!)

  • My twitter feed will explode with brilliance once @torrancecoombs and @Team_Barrowman become BFFs.

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