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2016-17 TSO highlights...

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has announced their 2016-17 season schedule. Full details and season schedule are available on their website but below, behind the cut, is a list of the highlights as per my preferences. I love classical; it is basically all I listen to these days at work. However, if I choose to attend a live classical concert it will likely be themed around pop music or musical scores….a live orchestra really brings everything to life and highlights the subtle nuances you miss when listening via your regular iphone speakers, television or at a basic movie theatre. I doubt I will be able to attend all these performances but if the price is still as low as it was this season for the ‘cheap seats’, then sign me up.

Of note, I have yet to attend what is still a relatively new trend and unique concert experience …live performance of a movie score by a symphony orchestra while the film itself is simultaneously shown on the big screen. Of the movies that have been showcased in this manner over the past few years, given the prices of tickets (I’m thinking of the Sony Centre concerts, not TSO), none of them have warranted my attendance. But whoa! Next year TSO is doing LOTR:FOTR and Raiders…not only are these movies worth seeing again on the big screen but those scores with a live orchestra will be absolutely spectacular!! (Note: I am listening to LOTR:FOTR right now [thank you, Spotify]…I haven’t heard it in a while… it is tailor-made for this event…and TSO will have a full chorus and soloist…I can’t even, right now *faints*)

Oct 4-5 – The Music of Abba
Oct 22 – Symphony Spooktacular – celebrating Halloween with spooky classical favourites
Oct 29-30 – Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton (*sigh* - one day they will choose Bear McCreary)
Dec 1-3 – The Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship of the Ring, In Concert
Mar 29 – Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark with Live Orchestra
Apr 18-19 – Best of Rodgers & Hammerstein (sweet…but please, next year, Andrew Lloyd Webber or, maybe, Disney???)
Jun 14-15 – The Seven Deadly Sins…I’m intrigued by the title, and the fact that this included a ‘sung ballet’??
Jun 21&24 – Carmina Burana (can I stop for a moment to fangirl over Carmina Burana…it is soooo good!!)
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I do love classical music along with many other types of music. This list is quite inspirational in that it almost inspires me to go out and catch one of these performances!
You should for TSO are surprisingly inexpensive (well at least the lower price range tickets are) - especially when you compare them to the cost of, for example, a ticket to a Leafs game which is likely not going to be half as entertaining.