R.I.P. Maurice White

Another sad one today….I can only imagine what the Grammies tribute segment is going to be like this year: Bowie, the Eagles and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Maurice White was the legendary singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, arranger, bandleader and founder of the band Earth, Wind & Fire. Maurice served as the group's main songwriter and record producer, and was co-lead singer along with Philip Bailey.

With a nod to The Doors, I have to say that Earth, Wind & Fire is my favourite band of all time. Not a single work day goes by without me listening to September and EW&F are at the very top of the charts on all my playlists. I never had the chance to see EW&F perform live with Maurice but the band is still touring and maybe, one day....until then, let their music live on...

A couple of my favs below the cut...

Do you remember...

And one more lesser known, Maurice’s upbeat remake of Stand By Me…(there is no video to watch here but the song is worth the listen...)

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I remember them well. Isn't it horrible that so many musicians are passing away lately? I feel quite awful about it. :(