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Aurora Borealis...

If I ever formally get around to making a bucket list, one thing that would definitely be included on said list is to view the Aurora Borealis (and/or Aurora Australis). Ideally it would be in a remote but yet reasonably contemporary setting - maybe something like the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland, with its glass igloos that provide all night viewing opportunities in a warm and cozy environment. But I will never ever get the chance to experience the Northern Lights quite like is the view of the Aurora Borealis from the International Space Station…

All I can say is...'wow'!

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Wow, that video is incredible! When my daughter was living on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border in a town called Lloydminster she could see the green lights at night. I do believe that somewhere in the world the lights appear in a different colour but it was so long ago that I saw a picture of it I don't remember where it was. (Okay I checked and I believe it's Norway.)
Seeing the Northern Lights would be amazing. If I were going to do it I'd go to Hammerfest in Norway, the world's most northerly community - by all accounts a very interesting and peaceful place.