Superbowl H-T, Hiddles & Yoga...

A few random thoughts for the day...

First off, Superbowl half-time show….I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that the general consensus agreed that this half-time was one of the best. I guess I’m just of the minority. I thought it was sub-par…quite honestly, one of the least memorable half-time performances ever. Honestly, in a decade from now I doubt I’ll even remember any of it. I have previously posted and reiterate here that my all-time fav Superbowl half-time performance was from Prince. ... now THAT was memorable. Maybe it is just me but aside from the performance itself, I really don’t enjoy half-time shows in broad daylight. The spectacular light show that generally accompanies an evening outdoor performance adds a certain magical element that cannot be captured in daylight. Meh, quidquid…to each his own.

Second off, happy birthday to Tom Hiddleston. I can’t believe he is 35…while he does look about 35, he seems older - or at least more mature...if that makes any sense.

Lastly, apparently there are certain yoga poses that are meant to match up with the signs of the zodiac. Virgo’s is below. For the record, this pose, along with most forward bends, is one of the least comfortable and most difficult poses for me to master. I guess that means these poses are meant to challenge the respective astrological signs? IDK. The full zodiac yoga is available – here.

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