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Still sick, tv updates and travel icons...

Here we are almost two weeks later and yes, I'm still sick. At least I feel better...I just sound sick. With this cold weather I can't open windows in my condo so I'm not really getting much fresh air and that is not helping. I just want to be able to breathe clearly again and stop coughing. Meh...can't be much longer now. First day of spring is less than a month away \o/

Btw, for the TWD fans out there, are any of you still disturbed by that odd last episode? Honestly, they can kill people (and walkers) left right and center on that show but the minute they have an episode about nothing in particular (i.e. Rick & Daryl on a milk run, Richonne, etc.) it leaves me scratching my head in confusion. What the heck was that supposed to be??? A reprieve?? Proof that there is still some iota of normalcy during the zombie apocalypse? quidquid...I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm looking forward to the return of Fear the Walking Dead in April.

So good to have Vikings back...I watched maybe ten minutes of it live on Thursday night and came to the realization that those ten minutes were arguably better than anything I've seen on tv this year (exceptions to Black Sails, Versailles and The Magicians). Watched the entire premiere on Saturday evening. I'm excited to see where they are going with Rollo, although I don't believe his character would just turn on his fellow vikings that quickly. Meh.

Aside from being sick, nothing too exciting going on in my life. I did manage to get 10 out of 10 on the Can you name these 10 iconic sights? quiz. I'd be more than happy to visit any one of these spots - only question is where to go first? *cough* # 3 9 *cough*...
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