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2017 - One book at a time - The Tearling Trilogy

Sadly I finished up the Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen. Goodreads supplies the following brief summary: The series follows nineteen-year-old princess Kelsea Glynn, who must reclaim her deceased mother’s throne and redeem her kingdom, the Tearling, from forces of corruption and dark magic of The Red Queen, the sorceress-tyrant of the neighboring country, Mortmesne.

Mild spoilers ahead...

There was a lot to take in with this series as it never really fell into one genre - it was a combo YA fantasy, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, time travel thriller with a touch of supernatural pseudo-zombie/vampire gore thrown in the mix. I kid you not...

The lead female character was more appealing than the usual cliche YA heroines...and how wonderfully refreshing to not have to deal with the usual overt melodramatic romance. Unfortunately some of the key support characters from books one and two just fizzled away in the final book. What a shame! After all that build up, they deserved better fates. That said, the big bad of book three was charming as hell and justifiably deserved his time in the spotlight. If I am being truthful, I was actually more intrigued by the cast of cohorts that comprised Kelsea’s queensguard. I seriously wish I had my own queensguard and, specifically, I’d like a Mace in my life. What can I say...elite warrior bodyguards will always be my type. No news there.

I did find the integration of past, present and future worlds to be a clever way of layering and fleshing out the story. I was a bit saddened by the ending as it didn’t wrap everything up with a nice tidy bow but in all reality it was a happy, albeit bittersweet, conclusion. Definitely worth the read.

One final note - The Queen of the Tearling has been opted for a movie. No idea when it is scheduled for production but allegedly Emma Watson *groan* is set to star as Kelsea with Francois Arnaud as Pen (geez I hope Pen plays a more ‘substantial’ part in the movie...and, for the record, Francois would have made a better Fetch IMHO). I know who I’d like to see cast as the Mace...even if he is a wee bit too young, he’d be perfect. * crosses fingers*

And now I leave the Tear and move on to Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices.

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Well who will you cast as Mace? I'm intrigued here...

<3 Francois Arnaud!

If the production is in the early stages and doesn't get funding quickly, then the cast may change....sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes not so much!
ah ok...I can now hazard a guess as to Mace's character if you're casting Mr Clive Standen!
Mace is a little more, how shall I say it...'rough around the edges'...and likely a tad older than Clive....otherwise, he's perfect.