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About 6 months ago I started subscribing to IPSY glam bag. The subscription fee runs approximately $20/month (less if you live in America). For $20 I receive 5 different beauty products tailored to my preferences and packaged in a glam makeup bag. Not all of the products turn out to be things I’d use but there is always one product per month that I love and two or even three products that I will continue to use. Best part is it allows me to try things I would have never tested otherwise. The product lines vary and include some of my favs like Josie Maran and Tarte and, surprisingly, they also offer a lot of natural and organic products. The bags themselves are great as I can repurpose them for various duties - one stores my iPod, one for portable makeup, one for hair clips, etc. I also like receiving all the makeup brushes and mini mascaras...I’ll never have to buy mascara again!!! This month i’ll be receiving a nail polish (either grey or pink...both colours are gorgeous), a Trust Fund Beauty neutral lip gloss, Smashbox BB cream, a blending brush and a hand cream. The service has been great - simple to track the shipments and no problems with delivery. IPSY website login provides you with a list of the products you will receive and instructions and tips on how to use them. I’m so pleased with the service overall and highly recommend it!!!

Below is a pic of my August glam bag...visually it was my fav bag of 2016. I love the nail polish, the Tarte lipstick and I use that hair cream whenever I need to control flyaway hairs when I put my hair up.

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