Russell Brand being awesome

2017 Golden Globes

The 2017 Golden Globes were arguably the most boring GG presentation ever. Jimmy Fallon was passable as a host, but not great. The award winners were somewhat predictable...especially LaLaLand. For me, the three standout moments were:

  1. Meryl Streep’s awesome speech (and yes, Canadians are the nicest people! Thanx Meryl!! )

  2. Goldie Hawn’s faux slip of the tongue inadvertently creating the ‘Best Comedy/Mystical’ category...I only wish that was a real category!

  3. Anytime Dev Patel was on screen (I needed some eye candy to make up for the lack of McFassy). Nikolaj looked pretty fab as well. He seems to get even better as he gets older.

As for fashion, I can’t say as I really loved anyone's looks. Perhaps Emma Stone’s dress, hair and makeup were my fav but again, I wasn’t really that impressed by it. Winona Ryder looked better than usual but it was an understated look with simple hair and a somewhat plain black dress...nothing really memorable. Janelle Monae looked so cute in her b&w polka dots; it was the perfect dress and hair for her, but I doubt anyone else could carry off that look. Gal Gadot was gorgeous but her dress was not something I’d ever consider for myself, or for most other women. Of course Millie Bobby Brown was my real favourite. Can you give a best-dressed award to a tween? I just love her..and her fellow Stranger Things cast mates...period.

Ugh, I suspect the Oscars won’t be much better. It’s such a weak year for movies.

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