Doctor Who - 10 Hi

Who's Next?

Sad to hear that this will be the last season of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. I feel as though he was ripped off. He is such a great actor but the writing they gave him to work with was garbage compared to that of his predecessors. Hopefully the new Who will NOT be a woman. I love Missy, and I’m fine with the Master being female, but I think if the Doctor were also a female at the same time as the Master it would be a disaster. I’ve always wanted Ben Whishaw to be the Doctor; he is so perfect for the role, it isn’t even funny. I thought Ben had pretty much vetoed the idea publically before but it seems he is the odds on favourite right now so who knows (pardon the pun). I see Rory Kinnear’s name on that same list and part of me loves this thought and part of me hates it…but damn he’d be so good opposite Michelle Gomez. Eventually I’d like to see Asa Butterfield take on the role, but he is still way too young. In the interim, I’m completely on the #VlahosforWho bandwagon – and not only Alexander Vlahos as the Doctor, but also Eros Vlahos for his companion. Failing that, and speaking of Eros Vlahos, what is Tom Riley up to these days? He’d make a fab Doctor as well. Oh well, at the very least I’m going to enjoy this #VlahosforWho campaign on social media. Bring on those Tumblr gifs!!!  
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It is sad he's leaving though...but what's more sad is that I'm not missing Doctor Who right now. Hopefully the writing will be better for the next Doctor especially if by some miracle they actually decide to contact Ben Whishaw and offer him the role!

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