Aladdin Daydreams


Super Bowl Half Time Show: PRINCE > GAGA > everyone else
(that said, as good as Gaga’s half time show was, it was more or less a high-budget, glorified Madonna concert from the 80s, for the record though – GAGA > MADONNA )

Poldark: Yes, I’m behind and only part way through season 2 but why did you have to kill of Francis right when he was getting his s**t together?? I’m certain George and Elizabeth will wind up together now. Ugh, I just can’t. Aunt Agatha, I am relying on you to set this straight.

Whomever is scoring Victoria on Masterpiece, Poldark and Emerald City all deserve Emmys. Brilliant!!

Keanu Reeves just gets better looking as he gets older...hard to believe that Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are ONLY one year older than him.

The Magicians Season II – is sooooo off book. Who wrote this? I can’t believe Lev ok’d it. Please go back on book ‘cause what you are doing to Penny (and Fillory in general) is hurting my soul.

I keep having dreams with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in them. Why is this happening? (Dear Brain: James McAvoy…Michael Fassbender…Clive Standen…Colin O’Donoghue…really, it’s not that difficult…work with me here)
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Yay for Poldark and Victoria. I didn't think I'd like these shows as much as I have!

Oh Keanu....we knew him when....and he hasn't changed since high school LOL!

As for the Magicians I'm lucky I didn't read the books so I have nothing to compare the tv series too...probably a good thing!

I keep having dreams with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in them
This makes me laugh so much....but I shouldn't since I had two dreams with Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in it but then I always had weird dreams :)