Grammies roundup...

I should preface this by saying The Grammies are the awards I am least interested in. As pretentious as most actors are, most modern musicians are the true divas and I just don't want to deal with them other than when they are actually performing. At least there is non-stop musical entertainment during The Grammies which at least makes the three-hour ceremony tolerable.

James Corden was a good host but I expected more. Not sure who scripted the show but it was blah.

The musical performances were hit or miss. IMO…

The Good, sort of:

Lady Gaga & Metallica…she can pretty much perform with anyone. She is a chameleon withan AMAZING voice (that said, I still didn’t like her Bowie tribute last year…)

Bruno Mars & The Time – the Prince tribute…I cannot think of a single performer today who could possibly do justice to Prince but Bruno Mars is arguably the best choice for that lofty task.He looked a bit nervous at first but eased into it quite well. I just wish he could have done a medley of songs rather than just one song. Morris Day and the Time were, well, Morris Day and The Time; no different than what they were in the 80s. What truly sucks is that I don’t believe most people today realize that with Bruno Mars, they are basically watching Prince, The Time, Michael Jackson and every other great R&B performer from the 80s. He took the best of 80s RB/Funk/Pop and made it relevant for the new decade and good on him for doing it.  But as good as BM is, for me, it’s merely a matter of been there, done that.

The Weeknd – loved that song from the moment I heard it. His new stuff keeps getting better and better.

The BeeGees tribute – I’m on the fence with this tribute. I loved the songs but half of the performers were terrible. They wouldn’t know disco if their life depended on it. John Travolta was at the ceremony - so why didn’t introduce the segment?

The Bad, sort of:

I couldn’t watch Katie Perry…period.

Beyonce’s performance reminded me of that scene in Hair! know, the one after the LSD trip ...(of course, Hair! did it way better)

Adele’s George Michael tribute – so I shouldn’t really put this performance in the ‘bad’ category but I’m one of the few people on the planet who is not an Adele fan. Yes she has an amazing voice, I just don’t like the majority of her songs. I trust she has a great respect and admiration for George Michael and is definitely worthy of performing his tribute. I just personally wished that again, they could have done a medley of George Michael/Wham! songs. And someone more like say, Adam Lambert, to cover the full catalogue of songs…please remember that GM did not just sing ballads; the Grammies should have acknowledged all that great pop music that Wham! delivered.

Perhaps the decision to go with one song only for the Prince/GM tributes goes back to the Gaga/Bowie fiasco last year. The medley of songs didn’t work then so this year’s tributes were limited to one song only. I guess I can’t blame them for that, but I just don’t think it was enough. Meh
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