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The day the desktop died...

Well it’s been what, maybe 10 years, since niviene and I purchased our most recent desktop so it was definitely overdue for an upgrade. The desktop was cute and tiny and served us well over the years. The fan on it was D.E.A.D…..the noise it had been making over the past few months was atrocious...and I suspect the overheating of the unit is the reason for its ultimate demise. We knew it was only matter of time before the whole thing went. Yestereday was that day. Although we have a small laptop and a couple of ipads, neither would fill the needs and functionality of our desktop.  A new desktop was in order and we managed to secure a decent, affordable and relatively tiny HP unit. Hopefully Windows 10 isn’t that painful an adjustment. Will promise to keep this desktop organized and tidy. Would rather have a Mac but simply can’t afford the luxury right now…even with my work PC plan.

R.I.P. old desktop
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Really didn't want the added expense but at least it's a really great computer!