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Oscars - Red Carpet Roundup

As much as I would like to post my thoughts about the Oscars, I have only watched the first half hour of it. No one I cared about was nominated this year...well except maybe in the Supporting Actor category...which conveniently was the first award they gave away. I dvr’d the remainder and plan to watch this weekend. I did hear about and see the Best Picture mix up which, as an administrator and person responsible for keeping things organized and running smoothly, I simply cannot comprehend. I do believe that there is no one single person to blame for this screw up – everyone is accountable from the PWC reps, Warren and Faye, along with the Oscar’s producers, directors and the behind-the-scenes crew. Seriously…it took them TWO AND HALF MINUTES to make the correction. That is appalling and inexcusable. Of course it never should have happened, but it did…and there should have been a better contingency in place to cover for something like this. GAH…more on the actual Oscars next week, after I watch the full ceremony.

As for the Red Carpet…I had three favs for the night but there were a lot of really nice dresses with very few misses. It made for an all-round excellent Red Carpet. My three favs are below the cut.

Halle Berry….loved, loved, loved the dress...but her hair was atrocious. I kept waiting for some small furry creature to make an appearance.

Hailee Steinfeld…everything about her look was, dress, makeup...perfect

Taraji P Henson…was the picture of old-school glamour.

My other top looks were:
Janelle Monae channelling Madame DePompadour
Felicity Jones in an opulent ballerina dress. Normally I hate what she wears, so this is a big step up IMO.
Nicole Kidman who wore yet another dress that washed her out. However, in this case, the dress was so exquisite I have no problem with it
Emma Stone in a glorified flapper dress. Gorgeous. (and NO NECKLACE...bonus points!)

The men all looked more or less the same to me. You've seen one tuxedo, you've seen them all... sorry, I just don't really pay that much attention. I will say that Dev Patel still has the best hair…may he never cut it short again. If I had to pick a top look for the men, I’d say Pharrell won the night. He didn’t wear a normal tux but yet he still looked classy.
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I didn't watch the Oscars at all this year. In fact, I saw only one movie all year long. (Rogue One). I usually look at the dresses but haven't even done that yet! I might wait for People magazine to come out (it probably already has, right?) I agree that the men usually all look the same.

The morning after I was watching CP24 and they must have mentioned the best picture award gaffe at least 5 times during the hour I was watching. I'm so sick of hearing about it already!