Theatre not so good...

*Sigh* Another horrible season for Mirvish. They announced the 2017-2018 season productions and, quite truthfully, there is not one play I want to see. I wasn't impressed with Stratford's or Hart House Theatre's playbill for 2017 either. Please, at least make an effort to get Something Rotten for 2018-2019! And Toronto would be a lovely destination for a preview of the Frozen! musical. Just sayin'.

In other news...I won my Oscar pool and was awarded with two free passes to the local cinema. I think the grand prize winner won passes for a year. That would have been sweet but two free tickets are two free tickets. I'm not complaining. Skull Island is probably the next movie I'll be seeing.  
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It's so disappointing! I used to have seasons' tickets for Mirvish productions for a few years and saw some wonderful things with bonafide stars but after awhile the quality just went downhill so my friend and I stopped buying them. We actually got more enjoyment out of visiting some of the smaller theatres like the Tarragon, etc.

Yay, congrats for winning the movie tickets! It's better than nothing. ;)