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Lady Croft
31 August
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I am a simply provocative and rather tantalizing Canadian girl who is fond of all things nerdy. As you may have guessed, I am an extremely busy woman and lead quite a hectic life. If you find I haven't posted in a while it could be because, gods willing, I've finally run off with that mad man in the blue box...

This journal is most regrettably PG-13. Sorry to disappoint you so. What you will find here is a commentary of my day to day activities, significant aspirations and modest achievements. I dwell frequently upon the little things with the crux of my postings being based upon: favourite T.V. series (Black Sails, Vikings, Versailles, Stranger Things, Da Vinci’s Demons, Penny Dreadful, Prison Break, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Outlander…geez, I watch a LOT of TV), as well as all the usual suspects - movies, books, musical theatre and travels.

What you will not see here is profound political debate. For the record, I’m pro-S.P.Q.R., however I do see the merits of a Triumvirate. There will be no philosophical treatises… *sigh* Why can’t people just admit that Machiavelli got it right? And finally, don’t expect to see any religious diatribes. I do however dabble in the occasional blasphemous thought and heretical theory so all charlatans are more than welcome!! Just one question: Apollo OR Dionysus?

As a historical fangirl, I freely admit I am convinced that civilization has been in a bit of a nosedive since the death of Michelangelo. You will find I refer to most dead authors by their first names and seem to know them just that well. Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Biblical world, the Crusades, the Tudor Era and Renaissance Italy bring back some of my more pleasant memories so expect to see the frequent occasional and somewhat intimate reference to the likes of Chez, Leo, Rapha, Cat, Meg, Liz, Kleo, Jules, Josh and Jude, among others.

This journal is NOT friends only. Therefore you are free to access most posts on it. You are also free to lurk if you are so inclined.

If you would like to friend me, go ahead! No need to ask. I'm always glad to have more fannish people to talk to - especially if we have common interests. Be forewarned, I will ALWAYS friend you back. And I will also friend you just for commenting. Go ahead...it’s your destiny... carpe diem :-)